EazypParq helps users find parking spots in crowded urban areas.

  • Mobile App

The challenge

The app is supposed to be used by users in an ad-hoc manner while they are looking for parking spaces in a hurry. This challenged us to design the UI and the UX flow in such a way that the entire process of booking a parking space does not exceed 60 seconds. We had to cover points like finding a space, selecting the duration of booking, paying for the space and then freeing up the space. Additionally, the customer support team needed a centralized system to view real time parkings, user data and any issues during parking

How we helped

Our team iterated through various UI designs to arrive at a super clean app flow which could be operated easily. We had to build a complex backend infrastructure that took care of the client side of bookings and the management side. Our server side team built optimized APIs which helped keep the app lean and blazing fast.

The Result

EazyParQ has not yet officially launched. But we managed to handle the entire parking booking flow in 35 seconds. Any user can sign up, find a space, book it and pay for it in less than 40 seconds.