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IBDA is a visionary company on a mission to disrupt the traditional real estate trading industry by offering an innovative platform for trading REITs. Their objective was to create a digital marketplace that streamlines the buying and selling of real estate investments

The Problem

IBDA entrusted us with the monumental task of building the entire platform for their groundbreaking real estate trading venture specializing in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). From the project's inception, we collaborated closely with IBDA to develop a platform that would disrupt the real estate trading industry, transforming the way real estate assets are bought and sold.


Complexity of Real Estate Transactions: The platform needed to handle a wide range of real estate assets, each with unique attributes and investment criteria.

Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with real estate and financial regulations was crucial, ensuring transparency and trust for investors.

User Experience: Providing a user-friendly platform was essential, as IBDA aimed to attract a diverse user base of both seasoned and novice investors.

Our Approach

Technology Stack: We selected a technology stack that would provide flexibility, scalability, and security. For the front end, React.js was chosen for its component-based architecture and ability to create dynamic, interactive user interfaces.

Compliance and Security: We integrated stringent security measures and compliance protocols to protect sensitive financial and personal data. All transactions were secured with encryption and compliance with relevant financial regulations.

Customizable Portfolio Management: We designed a portfolio management tool, allowing users to monitor and adjust their investments in real-time, further enhancing the user experience.

Scalability: The architecture was built to support scalability, enabling IBDA to grow its platform as the user base expanded.


Comprehensive Real Estate Trading: The platform facilitated the trading of various real estate assets through REITs, offering investors a diverse range of investment opportunities.

Regulatory Compliance: Stringent compliance and security measures instilled confidence in investors, guaranteeing a transparent and trustworthy environment.

Scalability: The platform's architecture allowed IBDA to expand the platform as their user base grew, ensuring uninterrupted service.


Our collaboration with IBDA to develop a revolutionary real estate trading platform was a resounding success. By leveraging React & Python and a user-focused approach, we created a powerful, scalable, and secure platform that redefines real estate trading through REITs. This case study underscores the importance of innovation and user-centered design in reshaping traditional industries. IBDA's platform exemplifies how technology can democratize and enhance real estate investment opportunities.