Vitality BSS

A web app and desktop app which enables Vitality, a healthcare BPO, to digitize their end to end workflow.

  • Web and Desktop App

The challenge

The client handles patient records and details for major USA hospital chains. They managed their data and processes using multitude of tools which often led to waste in productivity and sometimes resulted in loss of critical data. To tackle this, they wanted to build a centralized process management app which could track their files, data and also handle their end-to-end process via a single platform

How we helped

Our team worked with Vitality employees and researched the whole process across the organization - right from the client end to delivery. We came up with a clean interface which displays all information to the employees in an efficient way. Via our new web UI, admins can now manage massive process pipelines with ease and monitor granular details like employee productivity, failure logs, client activities and more.

The Result

Vitality employees are now able to handle 3x the cases they were doing before the platform. Also, the platform has become a part of the sales pitch for Vitality BSS to showcase their new potential customers and acts as their USP.

Next Project

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