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ZoomX, a hyperlocal delivery startup based in Canada, sought to develop a cutting-edge platform that would streamline their delivery operations, enhance efficiency, and provide a superior customer experience. ZoomX engaged us to build this platform from the ground up, enabling them to tackle the intricacies of hyperlocal delivery effectively.

  • Project Duration
    March 2018 - April 2019
  • Tech Stack
    Angular, Node JS
  • Website
    NA arrow_forward

The Problem

The project involved creating a ground-up solution that introduced innovative features, such as AI-driven vehicle routing and fleet management, to optimize their delivery operations.


Hyperlocal Logistics Complexity: The primary challenge was to develop a system capable of handling the complexity of hyperlocal delivery. This included managing a multitude of deliveries with varying time constraints and delivery windows.

AI-Driven Vehicle Routing: Implementing an AI-driven vehicle routing system that optimally assigned tasks to delivery personnel, factoring in real-time traffic and dynamic order volumes.

Fleet Management: Designing a robust fleet management module that allowed real-time monitoring and maintenance scheduling for the client's growing fleet of vehicles.

Our Approach

Requirements Analysis: We started with a thorough analysis of ZoomX's requirements and goals. Understanding the hyperlocal delivery process was crucial to tailor the system effectively.

Design: Our approach extended to designing interfaces tailored to the specific needs of various user groups. We created distinct user interfaces for drivers, partner stores, and ZoomX admins, ensuring a customized and intuitive experience for each role.

Integration of AI: Implementing AI into the system was a cornerstone of our approach. We integrated machine learning algorithms to optimize vehicle routing, making real-time adjustments based on traffic conditions and delivery priorities.

Feedback Loops: We established feedback loops with ZoomX's operational teams to continuously gather insights and make iterative improvements. This direct collaboration ensured that the platform remained aligned with their evolving needs and industry trends.


Efficient Operations: The platform optimized delivery operations, reducing delivery times and increasing delivery success rates.

Fleet Management: The fleet management module allowed for better monitoring and maintenance scheduling, reducing vehicle downtime and enhancing reliability.

User Satisfaction: Both delivery personnel and dispatchers found the platform user-friendly, even under time constraints, contributing to a more pleasant work experience


The logistics management platform we built for ZoomX, represents a milestone in enhancing logistics efficiency and customer satisfaction. By tackling the complexities of hyperlocal delivery, introducing AI-driven routing, and providing user-friendly tools, we have set the foundation for ZoomX's success. This case study demonstrates the pivotal role of technology in revolutionizing the logistics industry, ensuring timely, reliable, and efficient deliveries in a hyperlocal context.