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Symantec ICSP (now Broadcom)

Symantec's ICSP Neural is a groundbreaking solution designed to address the challenges posed by USB-borne infections in air-gapped environments. It leverages advanced technologies, including machine learning, signature-based detection, emulation, and reputation analysis.

The Problem

Our role in this project was to create an intuitive and efficient front-end for managing all ICSP Neural scanner stations, allowing users to monitor and protect against malware threats seamlessly.


Centralized Management: The key challenge was to design a front-end interface that provides centralized control and monitoring of multiple ICSP Neural scanner stations, ensuring a cohesive user experience.

Diverse User Base: The platform had to cater to a range of users, from cybersecurity experts to administrators with varying technical backgrounds. The challenge was to make the interface accessible to all.

Real-time Monitoring: Users needed to have real-time visibility into the status and activities of all connected scanner stations, making data visualization a crucial aspect.

Our Approach

Data Visualization: The heart of the project was to effectively visualize real-time data, alerts, and the activities of ICSP Neural scanner stations. We developed intuitive dashboards and graphical representations of scanner status and malware threats.

Real-time Data Binding: Angular's integration with RxJS allowed us to establish real-time data binding. We implemented observables to ensure that data updates and alerts were delivered in real time, enhancing the effectiveness of ICSP Neural's malware detection capabilities.

Usability Testing: Rigorous usability testing was conducted to ensure that the interface met the needs of both technical experts and non-technical administrators. User feedback was actively incorporated to enhance usability and accessibility.


Centralized Control: The interface seamlessly manages all ICSP Neural scanner stations from a single location, providing a unified platform for control and monitoring.

User Accessibility: The user-centric design approach ensures that cybersecurity experts and administrators with varying technical backgrounds can effectively use the platform.

Real-time Data Visualization: The interface effectively visualizes real-time data, including scanner status, threat alerts, and the results of ICSP Neural's malware detection capabilities.


The front-end development work for Symantec's ICSP Neural scanner station management is a testament to the impact of user-centered design on advanced cybersecurity solutions. By addressing the challenges of centralized control, diverse user accessibility, and real-time data visualization, we've provided Symantec with a powerful tool for managing and safeguarding against USB-borne malware threats. This case study underscores the significance of an intuitive and efficient front-end interface in enhancing the functionality and accessibility of advanced cybersecurity solutions.